Last call of 2019 y. at the Russian school in Antalya.

Last call of 2019 y. at the Russian school in Antalya.

An unforgettable, exciting moment in the life of every person – the last bell – passed yesterday at the International Russian School in Antalya.

This holiday tried to make a beautiful and memorable. Everything was prepared: teachers, pupils and, of course, the heroes of the occasion – graduates.

On this holiday, they took parting leave from the founder of the Corporation, Zafer Bikenoglu, who in a video message wished them good luck in their adult life.

First-graders also congratulated their senior comrades. They wished the eleventh graders luck in the upcoming exams, took the baton from them, promising to be a worthy change, and also handed the golden keys into adulthood.

Graduates said goodbye to their favorite teachers, friends, and native school. Especially touching was the response of the words of the 11th grade class teacher Donskoy T.N., who wrote a poem separately for each.

And here is the most solemn moment of the ceremony: the last bell in their school life rings in the hands of every graduate!

By tradition, the school every year will determine the best student who studied well, always came in school uniform, was friendly and friendly with everyone. The best student of the 2018-2019 school year was Shurinov George.

The Last Call holiday turned out to be very kind and touching. This was evidenced not only the smiles of graduates, parents, teachers, but also their eyes, filled with tears of joy and happiness!
Ahead of the guys – an adult, independent life with its excitement, anxieties, joys.
We wish graduates good luck in all your endeavors!

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