The school has its own certified catering unit. Highly trained chefs are involved in cooking.

Children have meals three times a day (brunch, lunch, afternoon snack).
Medical personnel monitor the quality and safety of food and compliance of sanitary and epidemiological standards with the organization of meals at school.
The children’s diet and cyclic menus were developed by the Scientific Research Institute of Baby Nutrition (NII DP) and are intended to provide nutritious, hot, healthy food for children and teenagers in educational institutions.
When organizing meals, we use an individual approach and there is individual replacement of dishes (products) or exclusion of products that are allergenic for a given child (in accordance with the conclusion of an allergist).
Essential conditions for planning a children’s menu are:
a) compliance of the energy value of daily diets with the energy consumption of students of the appropriate age;
b) the balance and maximum diversity of the diet for all nutritional factors, including proteins and amino acids, edible fats and fatty acids, vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements.
The diet contains a sufficient amount of vitamins due to the natural content of vitamins in fruits and berries.




  • Cheese Pizza
    This favorite cheese pizza is made with low-fat melted mozzarella cheese and savory tomato sauce on whole grain crust.
  • Arizona Gold Bean & Cheese Burrito
    Golden melted cheese and warm pinto beans shine in a whole grain tortilla and it`s vegetarian too!


  • Chicken Ranch Flatbread
    Chicken strips, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce and bell pepper with creamy ranch dressing all wrapped in a soft flatbread regular sandwich.
  • Cinnamon Applesauce
    This naturally sweet cinnamon applesauce has no added sugars and is an excellent source of vitamin C.


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  • Kashi Berry Blossoms Cereal
    These crispy cereal squares are tossed with a real fruit blend made with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries for a natural.